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* Disclaimer:
This is a personal blog written, and edited only by me.  All products are purchased by me, unless otherwise stated. 
Please be advised all views expressed are of my own and/or guest.  Postings of reviews are only based on the results received as results may vary from person to person. I will always be truthful in my posts.  Also, please note I am no beauty guru or makeup professional.  Reviews and ratings given are all based on personal opinion.  What I may rate A+, you may rate B-. 

For any questions on a product please feel free to ask as I am more than happy to help.  But, please note I am not a professional consultant, and all concerns or queries should be verified with the provider or manufacturer.   

All content and photos are copyright to Pretty-peepers.blogspot.com (as well as my past blognames eyeseeyouuu.blogspot.com & Nittygrittyslt.blogspot.com).  If a photo/ video/ content is not an original, I will link it back to the source taken.   If photos and videos want to be used, I am more than happy to share.  However, please credit back to my page/blog url.  Please consent with me by filling in the contact form prior to using content from this blog.  Thank you.

* Policy:
Sponsored posts:
* Sponsored items are solely sent for reviewing purposes and will not influence the authenticity of the editorial given.  I will always give my readers my honest opinion on a product and/or company.    
* Sponsored items will be noted in all posts effective January 2012.
* I will not review/endorse any product and/or company if I do not believe in it/them.
* I do not accept compensation or gifts to dissuade my opinion on a product and/or company.
* I do not receive compensation/commission for 'discount codes' shared with my readers/you.
* I do NOT sell circle lenses.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me by filling out a contact form.  

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