Sunday, October 14, 2012

LENS REVIEW: Dueba Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Green *Sponsored*

Hi everyone!

Hope your weekend is going swelllll!  Another work week up ahead  ;_;.  Can't wait till Friday!

Anyways, back with another lens review.  These lenses were kindly sponsored by the awesome UNIQSO.  They let me pick out the lenses I wanted to try so I gave them a list and they sent me a few from that list.  How awesome are they?  Pretty awesome I must say. 

I highly recommend UNIQSO.  They owner is especially sweet and incredibly patient.  I should have had this review up a while ago, but with overtime at work and all the family gatherings..I postponed it.  I still had to edit all my pics (which takes forever, especially with the amount of pics I do take).  I noticed I keep adding more and more pictures to my lens this a good thing?  lol.  Does it matter?  I think so.  Let me know what you think?  Tone down or keep going?

Anyhow, enough rambling and onto the review!


COLOUR & DESIGN: ★★★1/2/5
Beautiful design.  I can see why this series is so popular.  I've seen all the colors on other bloggers sites and they always look amazing on them.  Even though the design and colour is so vibrant, it meshes well together.  They don't end up being scary vibrant.  It's just nice.  The lens consists of three colours; green, yellow, and black.  The outer ring is on the thicker side but not as bold or as dark as other lenses.  I think this really softens the overall look of the lens.  The green portion isn't a true green as it leans more aqua (for me anyway)The center has a small yellow starburst with black dots.  On me they can look almost aqua green to green depending on lighting.

Although they are 16.5mm,  they aren't as big as the Hermes Grey I tried.  These aren't scary big, but I would recommend wearing them with makeup just looks better. 

Very comfortable :).  No complaints!

Colour and design give it away..but who cares!?  They are so pretty.  I must add that I absolutely love these in flash photos.  I think these are so nice on medium, tan, or dark skin tones.  That's just me, but it really adds an extra-exotic feel.  I usually like most lenses in flash photos, but these especially.  


** Please do not use without permission.  With the exception to UNIQSO.COM.











Good enlargement
Dramatic lens
Vibrant lens (not scary), looks great in flash photos
Yearly lens
Comes in prescription (0.00 to -.700)
Needs makeup to balance out
Not as natural

Lenses can be purchased here.
* Use code `SWT10` for 10% off your order.


Thank you UNIQSO for the awesome lenses!!

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Jackyohhhhh said...

These are beaaauuuttifffulll on you. Seriously. In my opinion with lens reviews more pictures is better. I like more pictures when I look up reviews because I am looking up reviews for the pictures in the first place.

THT Christina said...

Oooh seems like you like these! I like them too and it's true, they tend to be a bit aqua in some lighting!

Sara said...

Thanks Doll :) I agree completely! Always look for super clear photos when looking up a product :)

Sara said...

Thanks Christina :) I wonder if the EOS version gives the same results..I have them in brown and purple :)

Alice said...

More pictures are always better, it's super helpful! These look great :)

Nikki said...

oh my god! so many great photos of the lens!
I love these lens sometimes i dont like the puffy 3 tone
but these are gorgeous and considering they are CRAZY bright i think they are semi naturaly... emphasis on semi hahahah

L e n a said...

wow these are really vivid and look amazing on you.
love your big smiles! :)

Sara said...

Thanks so much for the feedback Alice :) I really appreciate it :D

Sara said...

lol. I agree :) You should try them :) I think you'd look amazing in them.

Sara said...

Thanks Lena :D I should do it more often (less boring / less of the same neutral face)..except I don't like how it widens my nose lol!

Nikki said...

oh my god thank you so much! i will definitely put them on the I WOULD LOVE TO OWN list
ugh im just admiring them more and more, all glossy and stuff

Onika Chan~ said...


Katherine Tealeaf said...

Omg they're so bright! They look amazing on you. I don't think not as natural is a con at all!

Janet said...

you look so pretty on them!! I get so jealous on people who can wear bright lenses and still loook so natural & gorgeous!! I can only limit myself wearing brown & black because the moment I put on a blue or green lens, my mom would ask me if Im attending a halloween party...T_________T

Sara said...

Thanks :)

Sara said...

Not for these. lol. I think the vibrancy is what makes these so popular. Everything goes well together. Thank you Katherine :)

Sara said...

I'm sure you'd look amazing in any color. You have really nice features and all it takes, seriously is good makeup ;) I look like crap without it. I don't wear bright lenses very often as I don't like the gawking, but thank you for the compliment :)

sherry williams said...

Wow, they are gorgeous! I would LOVE to try them out.

If you are interested, I am the host of the Followers to Friends Blog Hop,
so link up and get some new friends! And let me know if you would like to

Sherry @ I AM PISCES

M.May said...

Wow those are super vivid!! And more pictures are better cause we can check out the lenses from different angles etc! =D


Sally Le said...

I must say you look amazing in the green lenses..

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

wow what a thorough review! They're dramatic but very pretty! I can't pull off greens but they look really good on you!

Jessica Lau said...

great review, very indepth and informative! nice shade, looks lovely on you

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Such an in-depth review!! =) You look so great with it on. Very dramatic :)

Monica Ai (桃仁香・愛) said...

beautiful eyes!! and i love this color! i feel liek you should be holding an apple loll

Maryam Maquillage said...

i swear you are one of a few who actually looks amazing in color contacts!!!

Sara said...

Thanks for your feedback M.May :) I will definitely keep that in mind :)

Sara said...

Thanks Sally :)

Sara said...

Thank you :) I bet you can.. you just have to find the right kind.

Sara said...

Thanks Jessica :)

Sara said...

Thanks dear. Definitely dramatic.

Sara said...

Thank you Monica :)

Sara said...

Thanks Maryam :) Can never have too many ;)

chesca said...

does anyone know of a series like the puffy but with a dark ring around it